Applecraft aims to create a fun and safe environment for all players on all of our worlds. By playing Applecraft, you agree to follow all of the rules. Violating, bypassing, attempting to bypass, or manipulating any of the rules may result in consequences. Applecraft reserves the right to change these rules at any time, a changelog is provided at the bottom of this page. Our staff team is available to answer any questions you may have.

Player Chat

If a player is bothering you, using the /ignoreplayer command in-game will block private messages you receive from them. If you are being bothered otherwise, contact a staff member for assistance.

1. Objectionable Content is not allowed. Our goal is to limit content that is offensive, insensitive, creepy, or intended to harm others. The following, but not limited to, is not allowed:

1.1 Derogatory, discrimination, or mean-spirited content, including references about race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, national/ethnic origin, or other targeted groups, and content likely to humiliate, intimidate, or harm a targeted player or group of people.

1.2 Discussions regarding harmful behavior aren't allowed, such as rape, suicide, or encouraging other players to use drugs or other harmful substances.

1.3 Overtly sexual material, such as discussing these kinds of experiences, desire to perform a sexual act, and requesting pictures.

1.4 Harassment, defined by Webster's Dictornary as, "to create an unpleasant or hostile situation for especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct."

1.4.1 Cursing at other players to harass someone is not allowed.

2. Watch the spam! The following, but not limited to, is not allowed in chat:

2.1 Spamming/flooding chat.

2.2 Spamming teleport requests.

2.3 Excessive caps lock: one line of caps is acceptable, although multiple lines, messages, or an overall excessive amount of caps is not allowed.

2.4 Spamming personal advertisements: shop ads, event ads, item requests, stream ads, etc. can be sent, although they must completely disappear from chat before they could be sent again.

3. Security Rules

3.1 Sharing account information in chat or private messaging is not allowed.

3.2 Personal information that could be used to identify yourself or someone else, such as social media profiles, full name, phone numbers, house address, etc. cannot be shared. Your first name, country, etc. is fine to send.

3.3 Sending links in chat is not allowed.

3.3.1 Exception: links to our website,, and Twitch streamers playing Applecraft are allowed.

3.4 Staff impersonation, claiming to be a staff member or changing your name to resemble a staff member’s name, is not allowed.

3.5 Encouraging other players to violate rules is not allowed.

4. Additional Chat Rules

4.1 Discussions causing or intending to cause trouble are not allowed.

4.2 Advertising or discussing other servers is not allowed.

4.2.1 Exception: Hypixel, Mineplex, Hermitcraft, 2B2T are exempt to this rule. However, sending their server IP is not allowed.

4.3 English is the only language allowed in global chat.

4.3.1 Use local chat or private messaging to speak other languages.

4.3.2 Exception: speaking a different language in local at spawn or a server event/location is not allowed.

4.4 Third party fonts and any symbols are not allowed.

4.4.1 Exception: displaying items with custom names is allowed as long as it is not used to bypass this rule.

4.5 Excessive swearing: cursing is allowed, although intentionally using many in a sentence or multiple messages isn't.

4.6 Political and Religious chat is not allowed.

4.6.1 This includes, but not limited to, referencing modern political figures, political parties, elections, and derogatory viewpoints.

4.7 Violating a chat rule and logging off with the intent of trolling is not allowed.

General Server Rules

5. Don't Take Advantage of Bugs/Exploits

5.1 Using, or attempting to use, any bugs or exploits is not allowed. This includes bugs from vanilla, server items/rares, plugins, etc.

5.2 Duplicating anything, including tnt, is not allowed.

5.3 Any item with enchants it shouldn’t have may be removed.

6. Don't Cheat or Use Hacks. The following, but not limited to, are not allowed:

6.1 X-ray, including any third-party ways to assist in mining or finding ores.

6.2 Speed hacks

6.3 Fly hacks

6.4 Minimap mods that show anything invisible to you. Radar mods/maps are not allowed.

6.5 PVP hacks (including but not limited to: Kill Aura, Auto-click for PVP, Anti Knockback)

6.6 Note: Optifine, shaders, brightness/gamma mods, Litematica, etc. are allowed.

6.7 Note: Autoclickers are allowed but not in PVP (as per rule 6.5)

7. Don't be inappropriate:

7.1 Inappropriate/pornographic/offensive/political skins or names are not allowed.

7.2 Inappropriate/pornographic/offensive/political builds and armorstands are not allowed.

7.2.1 18+ Adult clubs are not allowed

7.3 Inappropriate/pornographic/offensive/political content, including books and mapart, is not allowed. In addition, this content/items may not be displayed in public, including sold in shops or displayed in chat with a kill announcer or item display. Mapart and books should generally follow a PG-13 standard.

7.4 This all includes content that is derogatory, discriminatory, or mean-spirited content, including references about religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, national/ethnic origin, or other targeted groups, and content likely to humiliate, intimidate, or harm a targeted individual or group. Political content that depicts modern political figures, campaigns, political parties, elections, and derogatory viewpoints will not be accepted.

7.5 This content is decided at the staff team's discretion. If you're afraid a build or mapart may violate the rules, ask a staff member!

8.1 Lag Rules - Blue/Purple/Red Worlds

8.1.1 Building anything intending to cause lag is not allowed.

8.1.2 Builds that cause large server lag may be removed by the staff team.

8.1.3 Entity cramming is not allowed.

8.1.4 Armor stands: limit 10 per chunk.

8.1.5 Mobs: limit 13-15 per chunk (mobs will not spawn after this).

8.1.6 Hoppers: limit 40 per chunk.

8.1.7 Pistons: limit 40 per chunk.

8.1.8 Observers: limit 40 per chunk.

8.1.9 Redstone Repeaters: limit 45 per chunk.

8.1.10 Large cobblestone generators are banned due to constant piston updates. All cobblestone generators are to be one module (1x5) max.

8.1.11 Lava casts are not allowed anywhere on the server.

8.1.12 Chunk loaders are not allowed.

8.1.13 Portal farms are disabled/not allowed, except for shulker farms.

8.2 Lag Rules - Green World

8.2.1 Building anything intended to cause lag is not allowed.

8.2.2 Builds that cause large server lag may be removed by the staff team.

8.2.3 Entity cramming is not allowed.

8.2.4 Armor stands: limit 10 per chunk.

8.2.5 Mobs: limit 13-15 per chunk (mobs will not spawn after this).

8.2.6 Hoppers: limit 20 per chunk.

8.2.7 Pistons: limit 20 per chunk.

8.2.8 Observers: limit 20 per chunk.

8.2.9 Redstone Repeaters: limit 20 per chunk.

8.2.10 Autosorters, or any sorting system using redstone mechanics, are limited to 2 modules max, meaning you can sort up to 2 chests in a system. You cannot sort more than 2 chests in the entire area you are in, even if you have multiple farms or bases.

8.2.11 Large cobblestone generators are banned due to constant piston updates. All cobblestone generators are to be one module (1x5) max.

8.2.12 Lava casts are not allowed anywhere on the server.

8.2.13 Chunk loaders are not allowed.

8.2.14 Portal farms are disabled/not allowed, except for shulker farms.

9. Additional Server Rules

9.1 Bypassing any punishments, such as using an alt while banned, is not allowed.

9.1.1 Exception: You may use an alt while banned for an inappropriate name.

9.2 Using fireworks, large disguises, sounds, and spamming arrows are not allowed in spawn or public events or areas.

9.3 Donation chargebacks are not allowed. Please contact applebranch with server store issues.

9.4 Newbie-ranked players who spam or have 3 or more rule violations may be banned.

10. Economy Rules

10.1 Gambling is not allowed, including but not limited to: Casinos, bets, mystery boxes, anything pay-to-enter.

10.2 Banks, investing, interest payments, and other systems involving storing anything for other players is not allowed.

10.2A We recommend if you loan something to a player, such as a set of tools, that you take screenshots/video of the trade and agreement. In case the trade is not followed later on, our staff team will need evidence of the trade, excluding chat logs.

10.3 You may use a maximum of 3 accounts per world for voting, completing events, or claiming any type of reward for something. There is no alt limit for playing/farms unless it becomes excessive.

10.4 Copying or reselling other player’s mapart, books, banners, or other original work without permission is not allowed.

10.5 Misleading Admins into refunding broken/lost rares that were not is not allowed.

10.6 Misleading staff into recovering stolen or lost goods that were not actually stolen/lost is not allowed.

11. Trading Rules

11.1 No scamming in trades

11.1.1 A trade scam is when a player (or players working together) misleads, lies, or does not deliver on an agreed deal with another player for goods or services. If a trade is started, it must be completed.

11.1.2 Trading fake items (ex: selling a fake crate key) is considered a scam.

11.1.3 Killing another player before, during, or within minutes after trading is not allowed.

11.1.4 Lowballing is allowed.

11.1.5 Refunds do not have to be given out if a trade was successfully completed and was not a scam.

11.1.6 If a trade is started, it must be completed or reversed if the trade cannot be completed. Failure to finish a trade after it has started is a scam. If a trade is canceled before anything is exchanged, this is not a scam.

11.2 Third party deals, receiving/giving anything outside of Applecraft for something inside of Applecraft, is not allowed.

11.2.1 Exception: Trades for skins and texture packs are allowed.

11.3 Extortion or blackmail for real life or server goods/services is not allowed

11.4 Items purchased from a shop donation bin, storage, or display will result in the trade being reversed at the shop owner's discretion.

Griefs, PVP, and Claims

12. Griefing/Raiding/Stealing/Killing anything that does not belong to you is not allowed.

12.1 Including spawn, the main end island, town warps area, pvp arenas, shops spawn, and other server-owned areas. These are safe zones.

12.2 Stealing from a claim you’re trusted on without permission is not allowed

12.3 Stealing items in the shop world is not allowed.

12.3.1 You may only take from containers specifically marked as free item containers.

12.4 Claiming another player's belongings is not allowed.

12.5 Towns cannot be griefed by anybody, including residents and mayors. They are considered public land.

12.5.1 Town claims or trust may not be abandonded while residents live there.

12.5.2 Town mayors must provide evicted residents their belongings.

13. PVP Rules

13.1 PVP is permitted in unclaimed and titan pvp flagged areas

13.1.1 Pushing players out of safe zones, including spawn, town warps, etc. into damage-enabled areas is not allowed.

13.2 TP killing/trapping, or attempting to, is not allowed. In addition, trapping players is not allowed.

13.3 Killing players, animals, or pets in claims is not allowed.

14. Respect Others' Claims

14.1 Do not claim or build within 100 blocks or range of another player/player claim.

14.1.1 Claims intended to block a player or troll may be removed.

14.2 If a player asks you to leave their claim/area, leave. Sethomes in or around a claim may be removed upon request.

14.2.1 If you’re asked to leave, you must move at least 100 blocks away from the claim and not use local chat or sethome.

14.2.2 Failure to leave will result in consequences and you will be sent to spawn by a staff member.

15. Shop Rules

You can start selling in a shop plot or open your own shop starting at 35 votes, Warrior rank, or any donator rank. Titan rank is required to sell in a Titan plot.

15.1 All server rules, especially scamming/trade/economy rules, apply to shops: scamming, scam chests, scam items, and stealing is not allowed.

15.2 Building above the barrier block height limit is not allowed.

15.3 Joke/Empty shop builds are not allowed. Shops must sell at least one item at a reasonable price within 7 days of the plot being claimed to avoid being reset.

15.4 Saplings and other plants that expand may not be placed anywhere, unless they are in a spot where they cannot expand.

15.5 A plot being used for farming is not allowed. Note: crops could be farmed by anybody on a plot.

15.6 Animals, active beacons, and active jukeboxes are not allowed.

15.7 Redstone and pistons are not allowed, except for a simple redstone door.
- A redstone lamp activated with a daylight sensor, redstone block, lever, or button is allowed.
- Hoppers leading to donation bins (max 2 hoppers) and services (i.e. drop a paper in the hopper for x service) is allowed (max 2 hoppers per service)

15.8 Standard plots could have a maximum of 16 item frames, 24 for Titan plots. There is no limit for banners or heads unless there is an excessive amount.

15.9 Reselling other players' banners, mapart, books, or other original work without permission is not allowed (Server rule 10.4).

15.10 Standard plots may be reset after 21 days of plot inactivity, and 30 days for Titan plots. The timer resets when the plot owner opens a chest in the plot.
11.1. If you are going away and do not want your plot reset, place a sign on top of the barrier blocks of your plot saying so. Standard plots may be held for up to 40 days, and Titan plots 60 days.

15.11 You may only sell items in one plot. Having a shop/shop chests outside of your official shop plot is not allowed. Alt accounts may not claim shop plots.

15.11 Titan flags may not be set in shop plots.

Information Regarding Refunds
If somebody accidentally buys something from you, you are not responsible for refunding them. However, you may do so if you would like to.

Our staff team follows specific, consistent instructions when issuing a punishment to a player. No players are exempt from the rules. In cases of repeated, abnormal, or serious offenses, the staff team may issue a longer punishment, including a permanent ban. Applecraft reserves the right to change punishments at any time. Bans may be appealed in Discord. For Discord bans, please contact a staff member directly.


-Added rule 11.4. July 26, 2022

-Added 10.2A and noted that interest payments are not allowed. August 8, 2022

-Noted exception 6.7 and rule 10.6. September 19, 2022

-Added rule 1.4.1. Added that mapart should follow a PG-13 standard in rule 7.3. Added rule 7.2.1. November 13, 2022