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Explore everything you want to know about Applecraft!


How to Join Applecraft

To join Applecraft via Java Edition (Premium):

  • Click Multiplayer
  • Click "Add Server"
  • For the Server Address type:
  • Click Save and join the server!

To join Applecraft via Mobile:

  • Click Servers
  • Click "Add Server"
  • For the Server Address type:
  • For the Port type 19132
  • Click Save and join the server!

To join Applecraft via Xbox/PlayStation/Switch:

  • Tutorial on how to join (
  • Name: Applecraft
  • IP:
  • Port: 19132

Getting Started on Applecraft

Welcome to Applecraft! If you're a new player or checking out our server, here's a very basic gist of our server. More detailed information is provided in the rest of this wiki.

Applecraft is a semi-vanilla survival server. Playing Applecraft is like playing regular survival, but with some great quality-of-life improvements to make the game more fun and engaging with players.

Voting: We have voting that helps you rank up and earn rewards! Voting is also a way to earn Crate Keys, which can be used to unlock lots of unique items each month! Other rewards include diamonds, levels, and vote points, which can be used at the /voteshop for custom items.

Player Shops: There are hundreds of player shops on Applecraft instead of a central store. We use ores as our currency, such as diamonds or diamond blocks, so you could immediately start buying things once you go mining. You can get to the shops from the portal at /spawn or do /shop (player).

Claims: You could claim your land to ensure that other players cannot steal your items or break your home. Griefing is not allowed on Applecraft, but we still recommend everyone claims their land to prevent issues with stealing. You can claim land based on how many claim blocks you have. By default, everyone starts with 1000 and can earn about 150 per hour of active play. You can use a golden shovel to right-click the ground to claim land.

Sethomes: You can use "/sethome (name)" to create a home at your base. Use "/home (name)" to teleport to the location. Vote to gain more sethomes, see "/ranks" in-game to see how many votes each rank has.

Crates and Rares: Every month we release a new crate with a fun theme! Each crate has a variety of custom-made items (called "rares") that you could win. Voting gives you the chance to win a crate key which could be used to unlock 1 item from the crate randomly. Note that keys and rares are worth a lot of diamond blocks (db), we recommend asking in chat for a price check before trading them to make sure you get a fair trade!

Events: With every monthly crate, there’s a monthly theme. Sometimes it will just be just a cool crate - like space, gaming, storybook, and some other times the theme may be related to the season or the month, like summer crate in June or Halloween in October. In many of those seasons, our server can have events, which can be found at the /spawn area through an NPC. With most events, there are easy-to-get prizes and awards that can help you get keys, basic tools, or nice decoration.

Ranks: Applecraft has many vote ranks and donor ranks. Vote ranks can be unlocked by achieving a specific number of votes. Each vote rank grants you additional sethomes. Donator ranks and their additional perks could be viewed on the Applecraft store.

Which world should I play on? Click on the "About Applecraft, Each World, and their Differences" section a few sections down to learn more.


Claims allow you to protect your land, builds, and chests. Claims cover all y-levels. You could claim land according to how many claim blocks you have. You gain approximately 150 claim blocks per hour of active play, through rares that give claim blocks, or they could be purchased on the Applecraft store.

As per the server rules, do not build or claim within 100 blocks or the range of another player.

To view your claims and available claimblocks, type /claimlist.

To claim land, you need a golden shovel. Claiming land is simple: right-click the ground in two opposite corners to claim your land. Claims must have an area of at least 100 blocks.

To get rid of a land claim, type /abandonclaim.

There are different ways you could “trust” other players to your land. At any point you could use /untrust to remove their access. These levels of trust are like a hierarchy, higher levels of trust gain the benefits of the lower levels of trust, so if somebody has /trust, they also have the benefits of /accesstrust and /containertrust, but not /permissiontrust.

  • /accesstrust (player or public): Allows players to use buttons, levers, pressure plates, and enter the claim if a NoEnter flag is enabled
  • /containertrust (player or public): Allows players to use containers and mobs
  • /trust (player or public): Allows players to build
  • /permissiontrust (player or public): Allows players to change permissions, such as levels of trust

If a player trusted to your claim is offline for an extended period of time, you may not be able to untrust them, in which case you will need to abandon your claim and reclaim your land if you want them untrusted.

Claim Subdivisions

A subdivision is a designated part within a claim. You could subdivide a claim, for example, to create plots for players in a community town. Subdivisions have their own permissions, if a player is trusted within a subdivision, they do not have that level of trust in the rest of the claim. However, if a player has trust in the whole claim, they have that same level of trust within all subdivisions.

To create a subdivision, type /subdivideclaims and right-click two opposite corners, the same way regular claiming works. To abandon a subdivision, stand inside of it and type /abandonclaim

Voting, Vote Points and Voteshop

Voting on Applecraft helps us to grow and reach new players to join our community. To vote for the server, type /vote and click the emerald blocks and links to be taken to each voting website. We have four websites you could vote on, each once per day. Each time you vote, you will be rewarded. Vote rewards include diamonds, levels, vote points, vote ranks, and more. Donator ranks gain access to better vote rewards, such as spawn eggs.

Vote points are a reward that you could win from voting. They can be used in /hdb to buy custom heads for 1 vote point each, or used in our /voteshop. The vote shop has various different items available for purchase, such as custom books, crate keys, and your own head.

Note: You can only vote on 3 accounts per world each day (rule 10.3).

Crates and Rares

Applecraft’s thousands of custom rare items and monthly crates are one of our most popular features! At the beginning of each month, we release a new crate with custom items. Each month, the crate revolves around a specific theme. For example, some crates we’ve had include the Adventure Crate, Halloween Crate, and Technology Crate.

To get an item from a crate, you will need a crate key. Crate keys can be won through voting, purchased in the voteshop, or purchased on the Applecraft store. Once you have a key, visit the crate at /spawn and right-click it with a key in your inventory.

To view past crates and use keys, each world has a Crate Hall. You can visit the Crate Hall by right-clicking the Crate Hall NPC at spawn next to the current crate.

Party Points

Party Points are a currency that reward you for being online! Earn party points passively just from being online. Points can be spent at the Poppy npc at /spawn.

  • Party Points cannot be sold/transferred to other players.
  • Make sure you leave room in your inventory for a Party Points item to be added. If your inventory is full, you will not receive them and cannot claim them later on.
  • Your existing Party Points will continue to work if you change your name.

Player Warps

PlayerWarps are warps that players could create. You can type /pw to see a list of all the PlayerWarps in the world you are in, or /pw (player) to view the warps of a specific player. All Titan ranked players have the ability to create one free playerwarp. Additional warps could be purchased by all players through Player Warp Tokens, which could be purchased in the /voteshop or sometimes on the Applecraft store.

PlayerWarps could be renamed and relocated through the /pw menu. To have a warp removed, contact an Admin in-game.

How to Join Discord

Type /discord in-game for the link to join! You could also click the Discord button on the menu of this website. When you join, link your account in the #verify channel for your rank and to access all of our channels.

All Rules

Click here to view all of the Applecraft rules.

About Applecraft, Each World, and their Differences

Applecraft opened January 3, 2016! We have 4 worlds - Blue, Red, Purple, and Green. All worlds share the same ruleset, with the main difference between the worlds being how old they are.

  • Blue's border is at 72k in each direction, 1.12+ generated
  • Red's border is at 67k in each direction, 1.13+ generated
  • Purple's border is at 62k in each direction, 1.14+ generated
  • Green's border is at 20k in each direction, 1.17/1.18+ generated
  • Each world has expanded several times to include newer Minecraft updates

For rares, blue/red/purple share the same crates, while Green has less crates. Blue also has some old rares that were not in crates.


What are Quests?

A Quest Scroll is a piece of paper that has a list of objectives written on it that you have to complete in the given time period to claim a reward. Objectives can vary from mining, smelting, killing, eating, crafting, and more! Complete every objective on your scroll to redeem the prize.

Quest scrolls are a fun way to complete objectives in Minecraft while also getting rewarded for it! There are 3 different types of quest scrolls; a Daily Quest Scroll, Weekly Quest Scroll, and Monthly Quest Scroll.

Daily Quest Scrolls have 3 objectives, usually used as a smaller part of a larger event and can be completed once a day.

Weekly Quest Scrolls can be claimed once a week with harder objectives, but once completed will reward you with a Quest Key that can be claimed at /spawn in the Quest Crate for unique prizes!

The Monthly Quest Scroll has a lot of variations in how it works. Typically, the Monthly Quest Scroll has a theme or is close in theme to the monthly crate at the time. Monthly scrolls can be 1-10 pages or roughly 5-50 objectives in total, but don't worry, you have 30 days to complete it!

Scrolls can be claimed once per player across all worlds and cannot be traded, so make sure you're on the world you would like to claim your scroll!

Quest Commands

The Quest Scroll must be held in your offhand while completing objectives and held in your main hand when running commands. Here's a list of commands:

  • /quest or /quest help > lists quest specific help if available for that scroll
  • /quest claim > claims the rewards on a quest scroll after completion
  • /quest list > lists quests available to collect
  • /quest secret (code) > this is a special command, if a scroll asks for a secret code type the command with the code to complete the objective. If the code is wrong, you will receive an error and have to wait 1 minute to try again.

Quests FAQ

  • Silk touch enchants applied to tools will not work toward completing objectives.
  • Items with Telekinesis and Void Tools will not work toward completing objectives.
  • Reaver Shark and Redstone Pickaxe will not work toward completing objectives.
  • You cannot shift-click while crafting, doing so will give you an error message and anything you craft will not be counted. When crafting, you must do each item individually for it to count.
  • Killing baby versions of a mob does not count as killing the mob. For example, killing 10 baby zombies will not count towards a "Kill 10 Zombies" objective.
  • Deepslate variants of ores will not count toward objectives unless specified. For example, mining 5 deepslate diamond ore will not count towards a "Mine 5 diamond ore" objective.

The Quest Scroll plugin is always changing and updating so we hope to see some new features in the future!

Player Shops

Claiming a Standard Shop Plot

Settler rank and above and any donator rank is required to open a shop plot. To claim a shop, visit the shop world.

  • Run around and look for an open plot, or use /shops free to see 5 available plots you can teleport to by clicking on them.
  • Find the plot you want
  • Type /shops plot claim
  • Type /setshop


Switching to / Claiming a Titan Shop Plot

For Titans to claim a Titan shop plot, first clear your existing shop plot if you have one so it is ready to be reset.
Find any open shop plot and do /shops plot claim

How to Change your /Shop Warp Location

Use /setshop in the exact spot you want your shop warp to lead to.

How to Sell or Display Items in a Shop

To sell an item at a shop, you must place down a single chest (double chests do not work) then place a sign on the front of the chest with Shift + Right-Click. Type this format on the sign:

Line 1: [PRICE]

Line 2: The amount of a certain currency. This must be a number between 1 and 64.

Line 3: The currency type. See below for the full currency list.

Line 4: Your in-game username, or leave blank if your name is too long (it will autofill).






Currency types:

  • ironingot
  • ironnugget
  • ironblock
  • goldingot
  • goldnugget
  • goldblock
  • diamond
  • diamondblock
  • netherite
  • netheriteblock
  • emerald
  • emeraldblock

How to Share a Shop with Another Player

Contact an Admin in-game to share a shop with another player! Please do not claim a shop plot in the meantime.

Note: Only Titan-ranked players can sell on a Titan plot.


How to Rank Up

You could rank up by voting or buying a donator rank! Type “/ranks” in-game or view the following menus to see the list of vote ranks and the votes required to earn them. Donator ranks could be viewed on the Applecraft store or in the following menus as well.

Vote Ranks

  • Newbie - 0 votes, 1 sethome
  • Player - 3 votes, 2 sethomes
  • Nomad - 9 votes, 3 sethomes
  • Settler - 18 votes, 4 sethomes
  • Warrior - 35 votes, 5 sethomes
  • Ranger - 60 votes, 6 sethomes
  • Master - 100 votes, 7 sethomes
  • Legend - 200 votes, 8 sethomes
  • Mythical - 300 votes, 10 sethomes
  • Wizard - 600 votes, 12 sethomes
  • Veteran - 1000 votes, 15 sethomes
  • Ancient - 2000 votes, 20 sethomes

Donator Ranks

  • Hero - $10 USD
  • Elite - $20 USD
  • Champion - $40 USD
  • Immortal - $80 USD
  • Titan - $150 USD

The benefits and commands you get with donator ranks could be viewed on the Applecraft store.

Changing your Rank Displayed

For donator ranks to display their vote rank, use /rankselect. You must be at least Master rank. If you can't select your vote rank, contact a staff member in-game.

If you use a rank token and it isn't displayed, use /rankselect and hit the Clear Prefix button.

To remove a rank token, use /rankselect and hit the Remove Rank Tokens button.

Creative World

Claiming a Plot

Go to /spawn, walk into the Plots world through the portal, and type “/plot auto”. You could also claim an open plot you find with /plot claim.

Plot Information and Commands

  • Plots are 70x70 blocks.
  • To trust another player to your plot, type “/plot trust (player)”.
  • Message a Mod or Admin to have your plot deleted.
  • Mobs do not spawn in Creative.

Minigames and Events

Minigames World

Keep an eye out for events in our /minigames world! You could see the active events at /spawn in that world. Events will be announced in our Discord server in the #announcements channel.


Tag is one of our favorite minigames! Visit /minigames and /spawn there, then click the Tag npc to join the game! It’s open all the time for anybody to play. Rounds last for 300 seconds.



  • /commands > Open the commands menu
  • /spawn > teleport to spawn
  • /worlds > menu to switch worlds
  • /lobby or /hub > visit the lobby
  • /rules > displays some of our main rules and the link to view all of the rules
  • /help > displays basic Applecraft and player information
  • /discord > displays the link to join on Discord server
  • /vote > displays the vote sites
  • /ranks > displays the vote ranks
  • /rankselect > Manage your chat prefix and remove rank tokens
  • /voteshop > opens the vote shop
  • /hdb > opens the head shop
  • /tpa (player) > send a teleport request to a player
  • /tpahere (player) > send a teleport request for another player to teleport to you
  • /tpaccept > accept a teleport request
  • /claim > claims an 11x11 square around you
  • /expandclaim (# of blocks) > expand your claim a set number of blocks in the direction you are facing
  • /claimexplosions > toggle whether TNT could explode in your claim or not
  • /abandonclaim > abandons the claim or subdivision that you are standing in
  • /accesstrust (player or public) > Allows players to use buttons, levers, pressure plates, and enter the claim if a NoEnter flag is enabled
  • /containertrust (player or public) > Allows players to use containers and mobs
  • /trust (player or public) > Allows players to build
  • /permissiontrust (player or public) > Allows players to change permissions, such as levels of trust
  • /untrust (player or public) > Removes any level of trust from a player in a claim
  • /seen (player) > shows the last time a player logged into the color world you are in
  • /warp shops > warp to the shop world
  • /shop (player) > warp to a player shop
  • /shops free > displays 5 open standard shop plots
  • /shops plot info > displays who owns a plot or if it is available
  • /shops plot claim > claims a shop plot
  • /setshop > sets your shop warp
  • /pw > opens the PlayerWarp menu
  • /pw (player) > opens the PlayerWarps a specific player has set
  • /g > joins global chat
  • /l > joins local chat
  • /leave (g or l) > leaves a chat channel
  • /vignore (player) > ignores or unignore the messages of a player (this command is a toggle).
  • /plot auto > claim the closest available plot in creative world automatically
  • /plot claim > claim the plot you are standing in in creative world

Rare/Enchant Removals and Replacements

Admins are able to remove custom enchants from items or replace an item under certain circumstances.

Admins can remove or refund custom enchants if:

  • The custom enchant does not work on the item you applied it on
  • The enchant overrides another enchant
  • You applied an enchant on an item and you no longer want it (this will not be refunded).

Admins can replace an item if:

  • Your copy of the item does not work
  • The enchant you applied is lower than the original enchant (ex. Accidentally put eff5 on an eff6 rare)
  • Item is lost to lag and we have proof you had the item
  • An item with an unplaceable tag was placed

We do not replace items under these circumstances:

  • An item is accidentally consumed (ex. Potion rares)
  • An item is accidentally used (ex. Token rares)
  • An item is lost to lag and we do not have logs you owned it
  • An item without an unplaceable tag is placed
  • An item was dropped and despawned

Applying for Staff

Applecraft has Helpers, Moderators, and Admins. To become staff, you start by applying for Helper. Applications become open in our Discord announcements channel, generally every few months. We only accept applications during these times.

How to Appeal a Ban/Punishment

Join our Discord and use the #ban-appeals channel to create a ticket. Enter your information in the format provided in the channel and a staff member will respond when available. Tickets are marked as closed once responded to, and deleted 24 hours afterwards, so keep an eye on your ticket, or request the transcript from a staff member if you missed it.


I forgot to sethome! What do I do?

Contact a Moderator or Admin in-game, we could help you get back.

How do I play with my friends?

You could teleport to your friends using /tpa or /tpahere. You can /trust your friends to your claims to build with each other. /msg or use /l (local) chat to talk with each other!

How do I get the Applecraft texture pack?

You could enable the Applecraft texture pack through the Multiplayer menu:

  • Add Applecraft to your list of servers in the Multiplayer menu
  • Select Applecraft and hit “Edit”
  • Use this setting: “Server Resource Packs: Enabled"

You can also download the texture pack through Discord by typing “!tp” for a link to download it.

How do some people vote so many times?

If you vote while you're offline, all the votes and prizes will come through when you login, so you can continue to support Applecraft! Please note that offline voting may not always work, and normally supports around 3 days of voting.

I have a new account, can I transfer my items and rank?

If you still have access to your old account, you can transfer your items and claims to your new account directly. Ranks will not be transferred.

If you no longer have access to your old account, contact an Admin in game. If we could verify your old account, we could transfer your rank, claims, vote points, and inventories. Your old account will be permanently banned during this process, and this cannot be reversed.

Can I make a suggestion for the server or a crate/rare?

Post your suggestions in Discord! 

  • For server suggestions or crate ideas, use #suggestions
  • For rares, use our crate-ideas channel each month

Are we missing something? Contact a staff member about information that needs to be updated here.