What is the IP to join Applecraft?

You can join the Applecraft Minecraft survival server with the IP: ️ GG.APPLECRAFT.ORG

What is Applecraft?

Applecraft is a survival Minecraft server that's been around since 2016! We're one of the best community-based survival servers around, and we have a lot of custom features including player shops, custom items, towns, and more! We have a land claiming system so that all your builds are 100% grief-proof and protected forever.

Have you looked through all the Minecraft survival servers, and can't find what you're looking for? Visit Applecraft (gg.applecraft.org) and come hang out with our friendly players and staff!

Does Applecraft support Bedrock?

At the moment Applecraft only supports Minecraft: Java Edition. However if you're a Bedrock player who wants to play on Applecraft, join our Discord server and let us know! We're planning to add Bedrock compatibility in the near future.

What Minecraft game versions can connect to the Applecraft server?

Players can connect to the Applecraft survival server using any Minecraft version. Applecraft itself runs on Minecraft Java 1.19.2, however all previous versions of Minecraft can be used to connect to the server.

How can I play on the Applecraft Minecraft server?

To join Applecraft, follow the steps below:

  • Open your Minecraft: Java Edition Launcher
  • Click the Play button
  • Select Multiplayer from the main Minecraft menu
  • Click Add Server and add the IP gg.applecraft.org, then press Done.
  • Finally, click the "Join Server" button to join the Applecraft survival server!

What are some other Minecraft survival servers I can join?

If you are looking for Minecraft survival servers to join, here is a list of Minecraft server IP addresses that you can use to play with your friends!

  • Applecraft: gg.applecraft.org
  • Wildercraft: play.wildercraft.net
  • OceanMoon: play.oceanmooncraft.com